Take control of your HKC intruder alarm using the HKC app, available for AppleAndroid and Windows Smartphones. Customers can use the app to remotely control a compatible HKC intruder alarm system. The App offers easy set & unset commands, push notification (with audible annunciation), fully functional keypad, log interrogation and, depending on your system control panel, output switching. With the HKC RF PIR Camera installed images resulting from alarm activations are also available via the app. The app supports push notifications with audible voice announcements, so if your HKC intruder alarm activates you will be instantly notified with a voice activated notification to your Smartphone app. For non-smartphone end users, SecureComm is capable of texting alarm activations via SMS and your intruder alarm can also be controlled by SMS text commands. HKC app Q&A Q. Is my HKC alarm system compatible with the HKC App. A. The GSM-Wifi card plugs directly onto Quantum 70 panel (version 4.0 or higher panel software required) and the SW-10270 panel (version 4.0 or higher panel software required) If you not sure what model you have installed please contact us. Q. How much does the GSM-Wifi card cost. A. The GSM-Wifi card cost €150 supplied and fitted to any new HKC intruder alarm install. (Please contact us for pricing and suitability to upgrade existing intruder alarm installations) Q. How much is the app for my device. A. The mobile app currently sells for €7.99 and can be downloaded from your mobile app store. Q. What is the annual cost of the GSM sim. A. The Securecom service has a yearly subscription fee of €60 (domestic) which can be paid by Direct debit in full or  at €5 per month and includes all charges for text and data. Q. I have further questions about the HKC GSM-Wifi card and the app. A. Please Contact us and a member of the team will be able to help you further.